Why your Small Business needs Effective Signage

Regardless of its size, your business exists in an environment that is quite competitive. To succeed and realize a return on your investment, you must find a way to communicate with consumers—in a way that is both quick and effective—to inform them about the products or services you have to offer. In most cases, on-premise signage is the most efficient and cost-effective technique for doing this.

Why signage matters

First of all, it is a business’ most essential link to the consumer. This is the case whether the owner wants to promote impulse buying, advertise a particular product or service, bolster other types of advertising the business is using, to indicate the company’s location, or to help customers make a purchasing decision.  Whether it’s a simple neon open sign, or a complex programmable led sign, signs matter.

What an on-premise sign can do for your business

To promote brand recognition, you can use signs that emphasize certain graphics, symbols and words that people associate with the products or services you have to offer, and this involves a unique blending of architecture and signage. Note also that that brand recognition can be compared to the intangible goodwill of a commercial venture.

If you have a logo or trademark for your business, that should appear on your sign, along with your company’s name. Frequently, if this is done properly, it significantly decreases the need for using other types of advertising, thus reducing expenses.

Very often, when people drive by or walk down the street, they will notice your sign, come inside and make a purchase on impulse. This proves that signage can be a type of point-of-sale advertising.

For both nationwide retail companies and small businesses, signage has proven to be the most effective and least expensive form of advertising they can use. Once you pay for a sign, it will serve its purpose all day, every day for many years. When you use other media, every project involves additional expense, you do not own the material, and you can never really be certain that potential customers are getting the message. As a business owner, you should always view a sign as capital investment, rather than an expense, that will pay for itself very soon. For more information, see this document from the SBA.

Making the right choice

The cost of a sign varies widely, depending on its style, design, size, mounting type and manufacture. In addition, you can choose from neon open signs, LED open signs, programmable LED signs, custom neon signs and custom LED signs. Remember, the more prominently you display your message, the greater the greater the possibility is that people will remember you and what you have to offer.

If a sign is designed properly, it can help in establishing your “brand” in the mind of the buying public. With this in mind, if your business has a trademark or logo, you will want to place it next to your company’s name. Use the text and images throughout your marketing campaign whenever you advertise through some other medium—such as newspaper, radio or television—or within your organization (business cards, stationary, uniforms, catalogs and company vehicles).

Of course, illumination, or lack thereof, will affect your sign’s visibility. Although many factors are beyond your control, including sun glare or fog, you can choose the various elements that will be part of your design, such as type size, contrast and illumination. Also, something that is perfectly legible on paper may not always be transferable to a sign.

Having on sign that works is based on many characteristics, such size and spacing of words and letters, color combinations and the amount of negative space you use. For practical purposes, you may decide that you want to provide a considerable amount of information as you select signage for your business, but authorities tell us that simplicity has proven to be far more effective.

Your sign’s location, perhaps on your storefront or in the window, can make a sizeable contribution toward your company’s success. Industry leaders will tell you that a well-designed sign, with its visual impact, increases consumer awareness and targets exactly the clientele you want to attract. There’s an  excellent document at the New York Small Business Development Center that expands on this thought.

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4 Responses to Why your Small Business needs Effective Signage

  1. Jm Paradise says:

    I think a LED open sign is an affordable and effective way to advertise!!

  2. Jonny McLately says:

    In a down economy and lower budgets for advertising a simple neon open sign can be very effective way to increase customers to a business!

  3. John Stofler says:

    LED or Neon signs are energy efficient ways to advertise for a small business!!!

  4. Mahalia Mullins says:

    I think a simple neon open sign is effective signage for advertising a business!!!

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