Signs: An Advertising Investment

Signs Provide the Highest Returns for Each Dollar Spent

Using the right signage will advertise your business 24 hours each day, all year round. Neon Signs, and other on-site signage, are the most effective, and least expensive type of advertising for small businesses. Various studies* demonstrate:

  • Between 35% to 45% of new customers visit a small business because they saw the signage
  • Properly implemented store signage will increase revenues from 4% to 12%

Signs create a “brand” for your business and location.  The Small Business Administration (SBA) says that the average business gets roughly 50% of it’s sales from signage, with 85% of that within a 5 mile radius. Additionally, small businesses near a highway may get up to 95% of their sales from road-visible signage.

Many Signage Options Exist

There are many options for signage, but the overall marketing impact is governed by your type of business, building requirements and local sign ordinances. Here is a list of the sign industry terms and acronyms you will likely encounter: cabinet signs, channel letter signage, electrical window signage (neon signs and/or LED signs), freestanding  signage (marquee, monument signage, pylon signs), along with electronic message displays (EMD), digital signage. These different categories can include billboard-oriented advertising, church signs, directional signs, and many other types of advertising signs.

How to Pick the Right Sign Company

A reputable sign company will provide you with an experienced and creative design team.  Design accounts for most of the effectiveness of the sign, and is arguably more important than anything else.  The design team should ensure that your signage is visually impactful, compliant with both building requirements and local ordinances, and as affordable as possible.

Second to design, but almost as important, is quality.  After all, what use is a highly-effective sign if it only works for a short time?  Look for a sign company that is honest about the tradeoffs between price and quality.   If you find that the company you are talking to can’t offer products in different price tiers, they are likely either over-charging you, or only selling a low-quality, budget product.

This process takes research and time.  However, selecting the right sign company will be an investment that pays you back for years and years.

Our thanks to the experts at for technical assistance with the content.  The company provides window-front neon signs, with models and styles for just about any small business.  They also specialize in the ubiquitous “open sign” with many choices for under $100 shipped. Or, if you can’t find the right one for your business, ask them about making a custom sign.  Their custom-crafted neon is made right in the USA, with 100% real glass tubing and high quality argon and neon.   They take about 2 weeks to make, then ship UPS ground from the Los Angeles area.

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  1. All Neon and LED says:

    I like the fact that a neon sign can make your money back quickly and lasts for years of advertising!

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