You Should Have a Custom Neon Sign

What is the number one thing you can do to make your neon sign stand out from the crowd?  The answer is to make sure you have a full custom sign…either by having it made with your business name, message, slogan, or logo.

Instead of putting something generic out front, like “DRY CLEANERS”, imagine the additional foot traffic and attention that “JOE’S CLEANERS: THE LOW PRICE LEADER” might garner.

There is some additional custom involved in getting a custom sign made, but the visual results can be stunning.  Check out these custom pizza neon signs to see the difference. You can choose from a variety of colors, designs, and styles that are available and will surely find one that’s a terrific fit for your business. You can attract a lot of people, enticing them to cross the doorstep of your establishment.  Going custom will remove the limitations from getting your specific message across.

You may also be considering some non-neon technology signs… for example an electrictonic message board.   Those do allow you to put whatever message you want, and are very bright, the cost is very high compared to neon.  One strategy that smart businesses use is to select a lower cost, smaller electronic message board, and put their business name above it in neon.   The neon signs’ classic look and high brightness helps catch their attention, then they see the electronic message board and read it.

Aside from the existing customers you should think through what message might bring new customers.  Once you’ve settled on that message, you can use a neon sign to promote it. You are sure to gain an additional impact to your hotel, pharmacy, grocery, restaurant with the bright lights of the custom neon sign.

Hotels are one of the largest traditional users of neon signs. Neon hotel signs range from the classic “NO VACANCY” sign, to other service oriented signs like “FRONT DESK”, or even “call to action” signs that announce the nightly hotel rate. Using neon instead of the newer technologies keeps a classy look without giving up anything in terms of brightness.



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  1. Bill Royal says:

    I like the ides of using a neon sign along with the use of a electronic message board.God information ,Thank you!!

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