Neon Sign Purposes

You’ve probably seen neon signs, from small window signs, up to huge displays mounted on poles.  Are you wondering why neon is such a popular advertising mechanism? There’s several reasons that neon still dominates the sign industry, despite the existence of competing technologies like LED signs:

The Neon Business Sign Can Speak To Customers You will have one of the best advertising tools if you select a neon sign. Nothing, including LED signs, catch the eyes of the public like neon, especially at night.  And what about the ever-popular neon OPEN sign?  It’s the defacto way to say that your business is open to all that pass by.   Because the light is continuous, rather than being made of individual dots, it has a built-in advantage in attracting attention. Custom Signs Neon is also relatively inexpensive to customize.   A full custom window sign, even of a fairly large size ( 2′ x 3′ ) can be found for less than $500.   Customizing a neon sign allows you to put whatever message you want on it, instead of just something generic like “TAILOR” or “BAKERY” or “OPEN”.   A customized message, if done right, will entice more customers to come in than just a generic identifier. Using Neon Signs to show your Team Spirit There is nothing more than effective on supporting your team with a neon sign. You can put on the name and logo of the team and also the professional or collegiate you are supporting. That is one of the greatest thing that you can give to your team. Do you have a player in your family? On the bedroom wall you can hang the customized sign with their team name to surprise them. You Can Use Neon or LED Signs To Get A Point Across You can use those signs if you want to communicate message in a non-business atmosphere With your home you can also create your custom sign that can help you implement the house rules. Try to do a open sign that says some Bible verse too. Be sure that the sign you have is pleasing to the eyes and readable too. Neon Sign With Decoration Do you love the 1950’s design and style? Try to have some verses and sayings that are popular during those times. Are you going to make a playroom for your child? You can create a sign featuring their favorite characters and color they want. With that the theme if the room will be great and that will never go out of style.

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