Business Signage Is Key

business signBusiness signage has often been referred to as a silent salesperson. In fact, every sign a company displays speaks volumes to its customers – in a fraction of a second and in very few words. Getting it right can mean success.

The most prominent signage is that on the exterior. It marks and distinguishes the place of business, sets it apart. Whether emblazoned on a canopy, free-standing, or mounted on the front and/or sides of the building, this valuable marketing tool works 24/7, never takes a vacation, and never calls in sick. It can invite customers to enter as welcome guests, or cause them to hurriedly pass by.

What special ingredients go into that magic formula that makes a sign succeed or fail?


Like body language, signs work on the unconscious as well as conscious mind. A business sign must be clear and concise, uncluttered, simple and direct. It should inspire consumer trust and confidence. Any logo or catch phrase must be representative of the product or services being offered. It should be memorable.


Business signing should communicate one, and only one, message: We are here to serve you. It should not stray into areas like politics or social commentary. It can be tailored to the specific type of business, however. The sign above a comedy club can be whimsical, even irreverent and edgy. The sign above a funeral parlor should be dignified and respectful.


Local ordinances, and community standards and practices should be researched and adhered to. The purpose of signing is not to alienate or cause friction, it is to announce and welcome. Creativity finds its true expression despite real-world constrictions.

Type And Design

Neon signs were once the rage and were used by businesses as diverse as coffee shops, movies theaters and arcades. LED signs are at the cutting edge of today’s technology and can seamlessly cover entire blocks of walls and large sections of sports stadiums with corporate branding. But neither might be suitable for a specific kind of business. The type and design of signage should serve and support the message being conveyed, not the other way around.

Finally, it is useful to study the signage of successful companies that have thrived in a fiercely competitive market environment over time. In most cases, their signage has become part of their corporate personality and are readily recognized throughout the world.

This post courtesy of Bright Signs, who run both and  They offer expertise in everything neon and LED, especially indoor and windowfront signs.

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One Response to Business Signage Is Key

  1. Jeff Black says:

    On appropriateness: There is a chocolate store in my town that uses his signage to communicate his extreme political opinions. Whether you agree with him or not, it feels really awkward and unbefitting of a store that should only evoke happy emotions.

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