Business Signage Is Key

business signBusiness signage has often been referred to as a silent salesperson. In fact, every sign a company displays speaks volumes to its customers – in a fraction of a second and in very few words. Getting it right can mean success. Continue reading

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Why your Small Business needs Effective Signage

Regardless of its size, your business exists in an environment that is quite competitive. To succeed and realize a return on your investment, you must find a way to communicate with consumers—in a way that is both quick and effective—to inform them about the products or services you have to offer. In most cases, on-premise signage is the most efficient and cost-effective technique for doing this.

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The Neon Sign Defined

Neon signs are fluorescent advertising billboards that are comprised of glass tubes , filled with neon, xenon, and other gasses.  The glass tubes are shaped and formed into words, logos, and designs.  Each tube has electrodes on either end, and if you apply a high level of voltage (5000+ volts) through the tube, the gasses start to glow brightly. Their namesake is the original gas, neon, that was used in the tubes, and produces a red glow.  More recently, things like phosphor coated glass, and other gasses like xenon or argon, allow for a much broader selection of colors.  Neon signs can be as straightforward as a typical “open sign”, or as complex as the multi-story displays found in Las Vegas. Although the led open sign has gained popularity recently, nothing compares to the nostaligic look of real, glass-tube neon. Continue reading

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How Neon Signs Are Made

There’s a lot that goes into the making of a neon sign. Neon signs are a type of sign built with glass tubes that are filled with a special type of  gas and then bent into shapes like letters and words, logos or other interesting designs.  Once an  electrical charge is applied to the tube, the special gas inside glows brightly.

Despite the name, neon gas is not the only type of gas used in the signs.  Continue reading

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Signs: An Advertising Investment

Signs Provide the Highest Returns for Each Dollar Spent

Using the right signage will advertise your business 24 hours each day, all year round. Neon Signs, and other on-site signage, are the most effective, and least expensive type of advertising for small businesses. Various studies* demonstrate:

  • Between 35% to 45% of new customers visit a small business because they saw the signage
  • Properly implemented store signage will increase revenues from 4% to 12%

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Selecting a Neon Open Sign

While it’s not exactly rocket science, there are some facts that will help you select the right neon open sign the first time.

1. Set a realistic budget

Under $100 “Budget” signs

While there are “okay” neon signs that will cost you less than $100, they only work in very specific situations.   Most $99 ( or less ) open signs use “low voltage neon”.   It’s still “real neon”, in that the light comes from neon gas in a glass tube, but there is a tradeoff for that low price…

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Neon Sign Purposes

You’ve probably seen neon signs, from small window signs, up to huge displays mounted on poles.  Are you wondering why neon is such a popular advertising mechanism? There’s several reasons that neon still dominates the sign industry, despite the existence of competing technologies like LED signs:

The Neon Business Sign Can Speak To Customers Continue reading

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You Should Have a Custom Neon Sign

What is the number one thing you can do to make your neon sign stand out from the crowd?  The answer is to make sure you have a full custom sign…either by having it made with your business name, message, slogan, or logo.

Instead of putting something generic out front, like “DRY CLEANERS”, imagine the additional foot traffic and attention that “JOE’S CLEANERS: THE LOW PRICE LEADER” might garner.

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